Security - Network Reliability

As well as network security, another important aspect of security is continuity of service. Network equipment is expensive and it isn't cheap to provide a fully redundant network. The problem is, if one piece of network hardware should fail, the whole network could become unavailable.

For peace of mind, we've built in multiple redundancy throughout each component of our fully distributed network; from our Routers to our Firewalls to our Layer 3 Switches. Why? Because we're just not willing to put the reliability of your server or its connection to the internet at risk.

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Network Details

Our network utilizes BGP4 Routing on a fully redundant network, and uses 3 Tier-1 upstream carriers (Global Crossing, Tiscali, and Cable & Wireless) to provide our connection to the internet. We also have direct access to LINX (London Internet Exchange) providing access to other carriers.

Our primary network is located in the same building as major carriers so we're not reliant on any BT Local loop for our connection.

Out internal network has a switching capacity of 48 Gigabits per second, and all ports - including the firewall - are Gigabit ports. This helps to ensure high-speed network connections throughout our network.